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- a location-specific art project exploring spaces and temporalities

Jamsen Law (video)   |   Lee Suet Ying (sculpture)   |  Roy Wong (painting)
Curated by Jamsen LawSupported by HKADCPresented by nProjektHosted by Örön Residenssikeskus ry
December 2022

Örö, Finland

Solstice to Solstice (Audiovisual performance by Nerve (Steve Hui) + npool (Jamsen Law); Multi-Media Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity, Hong Kong; 2011)

More Morro Lasso Loops (Projection for a music piece by Christopher Coleman; HKBU Academic Community Hall, HK & Echofluxx16, Prague; 2016)